Sermon Illustrations

An invaluable tool for preachers, teachers, public speakers, editors, and writers. Over 4000 Bible illustrations, anecdotes, and poems compiled by AMG Publishers and Pulpit Helps Magazine. These illustrations are written to assist in preparation of lessons and messages and are as relevant and applicable today as they were when first published, espousing the timeless truths of God's Word. Illustrations are arranged alphabetically by topic for quick, easy reference, and full text searches can be performed.

Bible Illustrations    4.28MB, updated 04-02-09 This resource is locked and will require you to purchase the security key for $20 from AMG Publishers.

STEP Reader

e-Sword has an integrated STEP Reader. STEP stands for "Standard Template for Electronic Publishing", and it is a file format designed for the storage of electronic Bible reference books. This file format was once used by QuickVerse, WORDsearch, Bible Companion, and other Bible software products. If you happen to already own one of these programs, then this means you can probably use these resources within e-Sword.

But what if you do not already have a STEP based program? Where can you get STEP libraries to use with this feature? Until now STEP libraries were not available from a third party, but now there is because of a special arrangement with LightByDesign and available for e-Sword users! The sample collection below is free for e-Sword users!

STEP Sampler Collection (100 Titles)    17.5MB, updated 01-28-09

Microsoft Word Macros

If you use Microsoft Word for your sermon preparation (instead of the really cool Topic Notes editor in e-Sword), then maybe the following template will make searching and inserting Scripture easier for you. Taking advantage of the latest in Active-X technology these e-Sword macros give you all of the capability of e-Sword's Search and Copy functions. Now there is no reason to switch back and forth between applications, and "cut-and-paste".

e-Sword Macros v12.0.0 (for Microsoft Word 16.0/2016)    1.57MB, updated 08-09-19

e-Sword Macros v12.0.0 (for Microsoft Word 15.0/2013)    1.57MB, updated 08-09-19

e-Sword Macros v12.0.0 (for Microsoft Word 14.0/2010)    1.57MB, updated 08-09-19

e-Sword Macros v12.0.0 (for Microsoft Word 12.0/2007)    1.57MB, updated 08-09-19

e-Sword Macros v12.0.0 (for Microsoft Word 11.0/2003)    1.57MB, updated 08-09-19

e-Sword Macros v12.0.0 (for Microsoft Word 10.0/2002)    1.57MB, updated 08-09-19

e-Sword Macros v12.0.0 (for Microsoft Word 9.0/2000)    1.57MB, updated 08-09-19

Apple Converter

Most likely you do *not* need to install this module conversion utility, but if you have been one of those adventuresome users who have created your own custom e-Sword modules and you want to use them in e-Sword on your Apple device then this utility should convert them.

e-Sword PC to Apple Module Conversion Utility v4.0.0    1.79MB, updated 08-09-19

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